Plane (Platanus spp.)

Family: Platanaceae

Flowering: April - May



The tree may reach up to 30 meters height. The alternate leaves are large and palmate. The bark flakes leaving clear patches. The male and female inflorescences appear as spherical heads hanging from long pendulous peduncles. The fruits, also of spherical shape, fall the following spring.


The most widespread species is Platanus x hybrida (syn. P. acerifolia) or London plane tree, with maple-like leaves, a hybrid between the Oriental plane tree (P. orientalis) and the American plane tree (P. occidentalis).

Plane requires full sunlight and tolerates polluted air. It is commonly planted in cities, along roads, in parks and paths.


Allergy to plane pollen is well-known in Southern Europe. In Belgium, plane pollen may cause symptoms to sensitized individuals when locally pollen counts reach levels sufficiently high.