How to treat allergies?

1) Allergen eviction

One of the safest ways to avoid pollen contact is to keep windows and doors closed. Indeed, pollen grains are quite easily deposited in still air. If you must absolutely go outside, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

2) Medical treatment

Drugs such as antihistamines and corticoids do reduce hayfever symptoms. These are prescription medications which, with the practitioner’s consent, may also be taken as preventive measures.

3) Immunotherapy injections

This treatment is rather long. It consists of a series of injections with increasing doses of allergen. Allergy shots should always be given by a medical doctor.

However, the combination of these various measures seems to be the best solutions.
You may also read the outlooks for airborne pollen concentrations on the homepage of our website. You will be informed of the peak periods, and with your practitioner’s recommendations, you will be able to set up your allergy treatment scheme.