The Belgian aerobiological surveillance network


Objectives of the network

The Belgian pollen and fungal spore monitoring network was created in 1974 and the routine monitoring in Brussels started in 1982. The Mycology & Aerobiology service of Sciensano is in charge of its management. The main objective is to give rapid information about these allergens to practitioners, pharmaceutical companies and allergic sufferers. These data will help to determine a diagnosis and the eviction of high risk periods. The network stations are operational from January to September for pollen monitoring, and till November for fungal spores.

The Belgian aerobiological surveillance network receives the financial support of:

  • Vlaams Agentschap Zorg en Gezondheid
  • Leefmilieu Brussel - Bruxelles Environnement
  • Service Public de Wallonie


Location of the monitoring stations

The network currently includes the following five stations: Brussels, De Haan, Genk, Marche-en-Famenne and Baudour.


The AirAllergy team

Head of the scientific service



Head of the network



Scientists and operators

  • Astha TIWARI

  • Caroline VERSTRAETEN

  • Karine GOENS

  • Eddy BASSLE (Zeepreventorium De Haan)



Sciensano, service Mycology & Aerobiology

Address: Rue Juliette Wytsmanstraat 14, 1050 Brussels, Belgium
Phone: +32.2/642.54.20
Fax: +32.2/642.55.19
E-mail: airallergy(at)