Grasses are in full bloom.

57 grass pollen grains per m³ of air were collected in Brussels on Monday.

Many grass species are currently in bloom and their pollen may induce the typical hayfever symptoms. Hayfever sufferers should remain cautious and follow the treatment prescribed by their doctor.

Lime trees are also in bloom. Allergy symptoms can occur in people sensitized to this pollen type and  living near these trees.

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A few useful recommendations for people sensitized to grass pollen :

  • rigorously follow the treatment prescribed by your physician
  • don’t mow the lawn, and do not go near places where the lawn is mown
  • avoid outdoor efforts and activities (sports, physical efforts). Indoor activities are a better option
  • limit the aeration of your home during the pollen season, preferably during or after the rain
  • keep the windows closed when you travel by car
  • during dry and windy weather, wearing glasses is recommended to limit contact between the eyes and the pollen
  • do not dry your linen outside
  • use paper handkerchiefs
  • take a shower and wash your hair before sleeping