The grass pollen season is coming to an end.

On Saturday and Sunday, the concentration respectively reached 17 and 10 grains/m³ air in Brussels. The critical  threshold of 50 grains/m³ has not been exceeded. However, hayfever sufferers have to continue to take their precautions.

Other herbaceous plants such as sorrels, docks and plantain are also in bloom. 

The first mugwort (Artemisia) pollen grains were also collected.

At the moment the air contains important quantities of allergenic fungal spores (Cladosporium).

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Good to know.

We advise hay fever sufferers to follow the recommendations of their physicians and to take following precautions: to shower and wash your hair regularly, to not dry your linen outside, to use paper handkerchiefs so they can be thrown away, and to avoid to mow the lawn.