In brief

Alder and hazel are in bloom but airborne pollen amounts may vary depending on the weather conditions. Pollen concentrations may rapidly increase during dry periods.

Alder + Hazel

Latest measure: 
Monday, 24 February, 2020
20192020Mean 2010 - 201907 Jan14 Jan21 Jan28 Jan04 Feb11 Feb18 Feb25 Feb04 Mar11 Mar18 Mar25 Mar01 Apr0100200300400500600700800grains / m³

Good to know

Pre-seasonal symptoms are common at this time. Every year, some people who are highly sensitized to the Betulaceae pollen (hazel, alder, birch) report that they already have symptoms of allergy before the significant appearance of this pollen in the air. This phenomenon might be due to the early dispersal of fine allergenic particles, to a patient's anticipation effect or to the proximity of plants whose flowering is locally more advanced.


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